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Seecuring reviews Identity, Segregation of Duties, Sensitive Access and Configuration Risks within and across all of your applications and services. All of this provided as a service, why spend on consulting and software at great expense and time to implement when you can get it all for one subscription?

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Detective assessment of access.

Let us help you find all the risks in your applications, and then help manage change to avoid introducing new ones.

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By avoiding fraud of course, but also reducing license overages from over provisioned access, and ensure all patches and changes are evaluated from risk as well as opportunity.

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How do you decide what risks you should be assessing among thousands of permissions?

Our process takes the guesswork out of this process, with a rapid ROI and rapid results to work on.

JD Edwards has over 80,000 objects, Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud has over 9,000 Privileges, Saesforce has thousands of fields, who wants to review them all? Well we do!

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Providing better assurance

Our process takes the guesswork out of not only assessing risks, but in helping provide the right security and management of your personnel and data. We can help with effective role and security design to create a better foundation for your security.

Seecuring - Assurance

Helpdesk for managing risks

Our helpdesk solution allows for the testing of security changes prior to their implementation. Will that change introduce new segregation of duty risks? Will users be granted access to sensitive information? Our solution provides a partnership to your organization to help ensure that as you change, we're protecting you from risks.

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