Maximize your Internal Controls Training.

We recognize that part of a successful program for securing your organization's assets involves the training of your staff and contractors. The challenge isn't the training, the challenge is how to cover technical and legislative subjects to individuals in a way they can understand, without getting too technical (or outside their field of expertise), and contribute to your organization's programs.

Increasingly, video based training has proven to help better serve employees and contractors alike. We recognized that for many organizations security, compliance and audit activities can all be reinforced with effective training. Video based training offers great benefits including:

* Better engagement.

* Measurable results - videos tied to your Learning Management System (LMS) allow for progress to be tracked, along with views and other measurable data points.

* Improved accessibility - viewers can learn at their own pace.

Seecuring provides training that organizations have used to guide their personnel to become part of better and stronger approaches to Security, Compliance and Audit.

We take your materials, policies and procedures to build training that can be used standalone or imported into your LMS solution of choice. Our staff have decades of experience in performing and training on complex subjects, and working to make them easy to understand and follow.

We'll take your processes, any existing training and policies to create training that will help build resilience and assurance that staff are able to follow direction on Security and Control subject areas.

Examples of training produced:

* SOX, SOC1, SOC2, and other legislation overview.

* Change Management.

* Information Provided by Entity (IPE).

* Management Responsibilities.

* ITACs and ITGCs.

* Risks and their appropriate Controls.


All provided with graphics and or personnel on screen with fully licensed sound and music.

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