UKG Segregation of Duties and Access Controls

UKG (The merger of Kronos & Ultimate Software) provides one of the leading HR software solutions, and as with any HR solution, risks must have effective controls and measures in place to prevent error or fraud. Risks include users who can setup and run payroll, misstate expenses or those of others.

UKG - Kronos, Ultimate Software

But, there is more to reviewing areas such as Segregation of Duties, Sensitive Access gives users the ability to review Personal Information or other sensitive data regarding other people, which often creates violations of legislation such as GDPR, CCPA and so on. The need to protect sensitive data is a growing concern for security and compliance professionals everywhere, as each State or locality introduces their own legislation.

Lastly, Segregation of Duties and other Internal Controls too often focus on transactions, such as who can enter Payroll vs running Payroll. But the other side is managing users who can configure payroll and then run it. These users have the ability to change the way Payroll transactions take place which could impact the entire organization.

Within UKG's software there are numerous Access Profiles that give access to all of the areas above, and depending on the level of access, need to have effective controls put in place around them.

The Solution

Seecuring provides the ability to make sense of those Access Profiles, and all of their individual settings. We group these profiles and other settings to form 'Duties' that can be segregated or reported on stand alone.

Seecuring technology analyzes Users, Roles, Access Profiles and more to help solve these challenges:

* Analyzing access to the Sensitive and Critical elements of the Application.

* Segregation of Duties analysis.

* Review impact of making changes to your security and make the right decisions to get your Controls and Configurations resolved.

* Pro-active evaluation of changes to ensure risks are dealt with prior to being implemented.

* Create exceptions to Violations, stored and ready to be reported on as part of your Access Certification

* Ensure your issues are being resolved by measuring progress over time, our solutions monitor changes to your environment for new risks.

There is no software to deploy, and we can provide everything you need results and actions immediately. Reach out to use below to discuss how we can solve your application issues.