About us.

Are you trying to figure out how to secure the access within your ERP Applications?

* Do you need to improve your Segregation of Duties and Access analysis?

* Do you wish you could have assistance in figuring out how to solve those access issues in your Applications?

* Are you moving to a new Application and want a solid Security design?

* Are you implementing new Releases/Patches and want to know the Impact and new Risks?

At Seecuring we solve these problems using a combination of Software and Services. With decades of experience in ERP Applications, we realized that many Organizations struggle with a number of issues, including:

* Reporting on User's access in their Applications in a way that is easy to understand

* What to do when you get the report and there are issues everywhere?

* The impact on making changes to your Security?

* How do you keep everything in check once you have closed all your Access issues?

At Seecuring, we start with the reports and the issues, and quickly we move on to giving you insights into your access issues and the options for solving them. In combination with expertise and software analytics, we work with you to establish the impact of changes and move toward a secure environment together

Our mission is to transform your Internal Controls in your Applications without the pain and expense of traditional methods.

A note from our CEO - Lewis Hopkins

In 2002 I took up some contract work for a local Government Department processing refunds for Home based Healthcare services that were paid for out of pocket. Within the first week I had the permissions and authorities within the Accounting system to set myself as a refund recipient, approve myself to receive payments, and then process and approve payments to myself..

It struck me as strange that not only the Security design allowed me to do this, but that the culture was one which didn't seem bothered about having a contractor having so much 'power' to commit fraud in these systems.

Culturally, we hope things have changed since then, but sadly there are still many Organizations that are susceptible to these issues.

I have spent my career since this time evangelizing, developing and using systems to help Organizations reduce the risk of Fraud, Error and maximize the Value in their core Applications.