Some of the applications we provide solutions for Security, Access and Controls.

Our solutions combine Technology and Services to not only show you the issues in your Controls, but help you all the way through remediation to success! Our subscription includes everything needed to support your Organization, be it out of the box rules, to walking through your Risks and determining the right controls. Our solutions provide the most in depth analysis of your Security and Configurations, and allows for processes that span multiple Applications and Services to give you a complete picture of your control effectiveness.

Seecuring provides rapid onboarding of any new and custom applications or services, you can find out more here.

Here are some examples of the Applications we have supported so far:

Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud Applications

The number of Privileges, inherited Roles and other Security elements are vast, and not easy to understand.

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From the Administrator Role, to Users who can export all of the Applications Data, Netsuite has many Risks that require Control.

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Oracle E-Business Suite

From Roles, Responsibilities, Functions, Concurrent Programs and more: Seecruing provides in-depth analysis of all the settings to get you a clear picture of your Users and Configurations.

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Voyager, Client Central and more, we analyze the Permissions and Menu based Permissions to fully understand what your Users can do in these Applications. Run against a full Segregation of Duties and Sensitive Access matrix, we provide complete visibility over all of Yardi's connected Applications.

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From Roles, to Permission Lists, User Preferences, Workflow, Buyers and more: the layers of PeopleSoft Security are numerous. Getting the complete picture isn't easy.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

From processing orders, Users with PII access, to how your CRM system integrates with your other Applications, Seecuring provides SoD, Sensitive Access and Data Protection reviews for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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SAP Concur

Combined with Finance/Accounting Systems, the need to secure your Travel and Expenses is a must. Seecuring analyzes Security within Concur and in conjunction with your other Applications.

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CRM isnt just for sales today, between integrations with other applications and full order lifecycle management, the threat of fraud and error is real.

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Workday provides a unique approach to security via Domains and Business Processes.

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