Segregation of Duties, Sensitive Access and Change Management for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Seecuring provides User Access Reviews, Segregation of Duties, Sensitive Access Reviews and Configuration Review for Oracle E-Business Suite Applications, delivered through both Technology and a Service, here's why:

Users, Roles, Responsibilities, Functions, Concurrent Programs, Menus, Menu Exclusions, Procurement Agents - the list go on, securing your Oracle Applications involves analyzing many thousands of elements. Not only that we pride ourselves on being able to analyze all of the Applications that are interconnected with EBS. The question is: "what do you have in scope?"

In E-Business Suite (and these other Applications) you need a solid understanding of all of the key Risks and those elements that you should be monitoring, from here SoD and Sensitive Access Rules can be created. Do you know all of the functionality that would allow someone to create and approve a Vendor/Supplier? Customers tell us they spend countless hours from Audit and IT Budgets putting together the lists of elements they needed to review in line with the Organization's Risk and Control Matrix. For some having a one size fits all SoD rule set from a Vendor was still not enough, these rules needed configuring to suit their Organization's processes.

TSeecuring provides a full solution from technology to review the Functions, Profile Options, and Concurrent Programs, through to the resources to help you design better Roles and Responsibiities.

Analyzing access to the Sensitive and Critical elements of the Application

* Segregation of Duties analysis across Functions, Concurrent Programs, Profile Options and more.

* Review the impact of making changes to your security and make the right decisions to get your Controls and Configurations resolved

* Assign actions to your team for resolving issues

* Create exceptions to Violations, stored and ready to be reported on as part of your Access Certification

* Ensure your issues are being resolved by measuring progress over time, if you need a Role removing from a User, Seecuring will let you know if it has been done

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Configuration Review

For changes made to the Application that may affect the performance of your processes and transactions.

License Analysis

How do you ensure you are in Compliance with your Licensing? Seecuring provides an analysis of your Applications to help establish compliance with your Licenses.

The Process

Seecuring is Technology and a Service, we don't just want to show you reports of all the thousands of ways Users can break Rules - we are dedicated to helping you overcome them and getting better control over your Applications. Between the Technology and Services from industry veterans, including CPA, CISA and other designations our subscription model supports you on an ongoing basis. This includes ongoing updates to your Segregation of Duties matrix, along with training and other support.

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