Application Patch Impact Analysis

Patch Impact Analysis

With Cloud based Applications you benefit from having updates and fixes deployed to your Environment without the IT overhead and time to deploy - it's done for you.

At this point, the responsibility is on you to analyze and test the incoming changes in your non-Production Environment before it goes to Production.

In the Oracle Cloud SaaS Applications (ERP/HCM) delivered or seeded Roles are updated by Oracle with the new functionality ready to go. If you are using these Roles, you should be aware that Users who have these Roles will get the new functionality when the update is deployed to Production.

On the inverse, Seecuring has seen functionality removed in new Updates

The Problem

Without an analysis of the impact of new Updates, how can you be sure of the changes, opportunities and Risks to your Applications and Business?

The Solution

Seecuring offers Patch Impact Analysis, a comprehensive solution for identifying in-coming changes and removals from your Environment

We have also seen the impact of using the delivered Roles in your Environment, helping to argue the case for customizing your Roles - the number of changes we have seen in the delivered Roles has been significant.

For 20C to 20D we have seen changes to Workflows in Financials and enhancements to the Transaction Console and Data Loader for HCM.

With 21A we are going to be seeing changes to Security, Person Management, Workflow Bypass and more, reach out to us today to discuss how these changes don't have to be a problem to manage:

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Understanding Role Delegations in Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud

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