GRC and Identity solutions may not cover all of your needs, here is why.

Many GRC/Identity solutions specialize in a particular area, for example Oracle's Risk Cloud solution only works with Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud. Sadly for customers these are not the only applications being used. Today many organizations are using hundreds of applications, and many of these require an effective security and compliance strategy, especially for those in-scope for Financial Reporting.

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Similarly identity solutions specialize in the provisioning (and de-provisioning) of users to applications and services, but do not specialize in what users can do once inside the application.
In order to have a complete and accurate identity program, you must be able to identify what a user can do once inside an application or service.

Extend your Identity and GRC solutions

Seecuring provides solutions that compliment your existing technology and applications used to monitor compliance and assist with audit. In addition our services combine our technology with that which you use to give you an integrated GRC solution that sits in line with your business, rather than an after thought.

If your organization uses software such as Oracle Risk Cloud or GRC, Seecuring can extend these applications to cover the segregation of duties and sensitive access for other applications outside of ERP/HCM Cloud.

Our process will merge the applications, allowing your organization to review risks across the applications, as well as within them.

Seecuring supports any application or service, so regardless of your application footprint, Seecuring can support you.