Rapid Role design and deployment for your applications.

Most modern Cloud based applications provide 'out of the box' configurations to help get you live as quickly as possible. Included in these packages are pre-configured security roles, providing the chance to quickly grant access to the most important processes and functions within the application.

What about least privilege?

Ah, the topic of security. The problem is that the roles are mostly over-provisioned, with functionality crammed into roles. While this provides the benefit of giving your users all the functionality the application has to offer, they incorporate many segregation of duty issues.

Many of the implementation roles in Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud have over 20 Segregation of Duty rule violations, and yet these roles continue to be used among the customers we have worked with.

How to resolve these roles without throwing them away..

With few exceptions many customers have worked to create a hybrid approach, taking parts of the delivered roles that work and provide the right access - yet incorporating custom roles to build out the access.

In Oracle, for example the layered role approach can be structured in such a way that uses many of the existing security but strips out the sensitive access into separate roles that can be applied to users who genuinely need that access.

Seecuring provides a complete role design solution, with pre-built roles for many applications. For example in Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud we have many roles designed to split out the sensitive access and help identify segregation of duty issues.

Effective Role design ensures:

* Least privilege access.

* Reduced Segregation of Duty conflicts.

* Less exposure of sensitive data.

* Greater assurance of user's access in applications.

If your security is not effective and you would like a fast and effective way to better secure your applications, reach us below:

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Understanding Role Delegations in Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud

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