Securing the Financial Close

If you are running Oracle's EPM/Hyperion Solution and Oracle Applications, the Risks between the Applications should be on your list to review on an ongoing basis.

Oracle's EPM tool allows for the successful budgeting and planning of your Organization's processes and the Financial Close. Integrated with your ERP Applications it allows for the transfer of data and process between the two.

As your Organization approaches the Financial Close process, the number of transactions and processes between the two become ever more complex and frequent. With pressure on your Organization for earnings expectations and competition, the temptation by staff to alter Financial Statements should be a key priority for those wishing to mitigate this Risk.

Weak internal controls can lead to Errors and Fraud in your Financial Processes, and with integrated systems there is a need to analyze the Transactions as they span these Applications.

Examples of controls include: Creating Journals and Posting Journals, and Open and Close Periods.

Seecuring has an extensive Rule set that covers your ERP/HCM Applications and your EPM/Hyperion Environments.

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Securing the Financial Close