Current GRC in your Applications

GRC Software is expensive and largely provides reporting on areas like Access, Segregation of Duties and other Controls. Organizations need more than just reports when it comes to Audit, Reviews and just good Controls.

How do we translate thousands of pages of access issues to the Business Users so they can make informed decisions about what changes need to be made to User's access?

The problem is deeper though, how do you solve these issues? How can we make sense of these reports into actions?

Without understanding the broader access privileges and configurations, how can you make changes to your Applications, knowing they won't impact operations. How would this happen? By removing access or configurations, you may remove the functionality a User or Process needs to complete tasks part of Operations.

We have seen projects to remediate controls from an Audit last over 12 months as Organizations go back and forth about the right steps and methodologies to resolve the findings.

As if this isn't hard enough reviewing one Application, how do we do it across Applications?

Application Governance, Risk & Compliance as a Service

Seecuring has created a solution that provides GRC as a Services for your Applications, a combination of Software and Services, Reporting and Results.

We provide solutions for User Access Reviews, including Segregation of Duties and Sensitive Access, giving you not only the reports but the capabilities to make informed decisions about the right steps to take and the impact to your Applications.

Our resources have decades of experience with GRC in Applications and have the tools to build, implement and monitor the right Controls for your Business Environment.

Costs and Implementation

We provide all the tools you need, and you'll find our solutions cost less than outright Software purchases. Our aim is to provide you with a partnership based on Technology and Services, reduce your costs and increase the accuracy of the Security and Controls in your Applications.

With limited resources and budgets, you can be sure that Seecuring's offer will ensure your GRC Programs don't have to suffer,but improve.

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