Security and Controls for all of your applications - simplified!

Seecuring has the first and only Helpdesk for changes to security and controls for all of your applications. Our solution tests your changes for sensitive access, segregation of duties and configuration changes that may pose a risk. No matter the application or service, if it is in-scope for your organization we have it covered.

The process is simple, we provide a complete managed service that combines software and services that provides all of the evidence to support your decision making:

* If you assign that Permission to a Role will it create a segregation of duty violation?

* Will the change allow users access to Sensitive Data?

* How do we reduce our audit and compliance costs?

The solution.

A process that removes uncertainty and provides a complete risk assessment of changes to your applications. With no costly and timely implementations of software, we provide rapid analysis of your in-scope applications.

How does it work?

We provide assessments of in-scope applications forming a baseline, including Segregation of Duties, Sensitive Access and Application Configuration.

When changes are needed a ticket is sent to our help desk and an analyst reviews the change.

The change is tested against the same rule set, and our reply documents any issues found.

All changes are stored for review against the next assessment.


* Integrated Governance, Risk & Compliance and Continuous Controls Monitoring for all in-scope applications, making sure all changes are validated.

* Lower cost of compliance and audit, cleaner security going in means less audit findings.

* More accurate decision making for the changes to applications that technology alone cannot complete.

* Secure applications more effectively with expert assistance.

* Reduce the burden on staff and lower costs of security and provisioning.

We have made the process simple, with little work on your behalf, we take the burden of reviewing your changes, allowing you to make decisions that best suit your organization.

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