Identity - the fortress around your organization.

We all know that protecting data is the key objective, second to that has to be how we as people interact with the systems and processes that secure this data. Yes technology plays a critical role in how the data is secured, but internally with so many personnel accessing data via applications and services , the threat of an insider fraud or error remains as high as external actors.

We consider a number of types of access within these system:

* Sensitive Access - who can access Sensitive data such as Bank Account Information? Do we have developers accessing Production environments and could cause problems without change control?

* Segregation of Duties - what combination of access could cause problems? Can users for example: create a vendor and then pay them>

* What can users do across applications that would be concerning?

* can we better handle users who have 'keys to the kingdom access'?

The first part of identity can be entirely objective, new employee requires Office software, access to ERP for their job, access to HR systems to enter time, expenses, request time off and more.

But what about the detailed access within these systems? Should Sally on the third floor be able to create and pay a vendor? Who is Sally what does her job entail? Is she the only one who can create a vendor and pay them? Should we use other compensating controls, such as getting another signature on payments?

Identity moves form the objective to the subjective, and being able to navigate this complex ecosystem is key.

Complete your identity environment.

Most identity solutions focus on what users can access within the Enterprise, the applications and services themselves. Seecuring provides solutions that can be combined with these solutions covering not only what users can access, but what can they do once inside?

Designed for any application or service, and with rapid onboarding for any new application, you can be sure that whatever technology you are running, we have you covered!