Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Seecuring provides the ability to make sense of Microsoft Dynamics Permissions, and have them structured into 'Duties' that can be segregated or reported on stand alone.

Through the combination of Software and Services, Seecuring enables you to get the information you need, and take action from it to get your Applications Compliant. Internal Controls are a fundamental truth of accounting, but still not likely something you enjoy!

Seecuring can assist with:

* Analyzing access to the Sensitive and Critical elements of the Application

* Segregation of Duties analysis

* Review impact of making changes to your security and make the right decisions to get your Controls and Configurations resolved

* Assign actions to your team for fixing issues

* Create exceptions to Violations, stored and ready to be reported on as part of your Access Certification - sometimes Users need to break the Rules and you will have compensating controls.

* Identify and work with you to create processes to manage Support and System/Power Users such as the Administrator

* Ensure your issues are being resolved by measuring progress over time, if you need a Role removing from a User, Seecuring will let you know if it has been done

There is no software to deploy or install, and our solution of Technology and Services is based on a Subscription so no high up-front costs.

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