Segregation of Duties, Sensitive Access and Controls for Financial Services applications.

With Financial institutions being one of if not the most targeted industry for both external and internal fraud, complete and accurate access controls are a necessity.

Protecting not only customer assets, the assets of the institution are just as important to avoid non-compliance, but also to avoid fraud and loss. Applications that allow for the organization's management of areas such as Accounts Payable, Receivables and Journals all require strong controls to ensure employees and those interacting with the applications are secure from fraud or error.

With organizations ever expanding their application footprint, the risks grow with them. Each application containing hundreds or thousands of permissions and settings that need evaluating and testing. In addition many processes are now spread across applications, requiring the testing across applications to identify weaknesses in these processes.

Heal your applications

So how do we help solve these challenges?

Seecuring is Security as a Service, combining Technology and Resources to help you identify and resolve access and identity problems, including:

* Analysis of access to the Sensitive and Critical elements of the Applications, both detective and pro-active.

* Segregation of Duties analysis and remediation.

* Review the impact of making changes to your security and make the right decisions to get your Controls and Configurations resolved.

* Assign actions to your team for fixing issues.

* Create exceptions to Violations, stored and ready to be reported on as part of your Access Certification - sometimes Users need to break the Rules and you will have compensating controls.

* Identify and work with you to create processes to manage Support and System/Power Users such as the Administrators.

There is no software to deploy or install, and our solution of Technology and Services is based on a Subscription so you know exactly what your costs are and the outcomes you can expect.

We support any application, including those for Financials such as Oracle, Salesforce, SAP and many more industry applications. This is in addition to the major ERP applications such as Oracle ERP Cloud, E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Netsuite, Workday, and more.

We have been working with ERP/HCM Applications since the early 2000's, and work with leading CPA's, Audit staff and Application specialists to deliver a complete solution.