FREE Oracle ERP/HCM Cloud License Assessment.

Oracle's ERP and HCM Cloud applications provide the opportunity to utilize new features and services with ease. Through the enablement feature, these new functions can be turned on and used without installation.

In addition, assigning functionality to Users via their Roles (and the Role's Privileges), access os opened up and with that comes additional license usage. Licenses are assigned to Privileges, so when these Privileges get assigned to Roles, the users with access are now consuming a license.

The license audit process is a little more complex than simply looking at whether someone has access to a licensable function, however without access there is no question as to whether functionality is being used.

Time and time again, we hear of customers who have received a license audit and have needed to pay extra for their application licensing or in some cases have been paying for licenses that are not being utilized.

Understand your license issues for FREE!

Seecuring reviews applications for risk and compliance, and we are offering a review of your security structure to analyze license usage. This service will allow you and your organization to better plan and budget for your application usage.

Our service does not require the extraction of any personally identifiable information (PII), Transactional Data or other sensitive data.

Licensing in your applications

Saving money and improving security.

What you will get is a comprehensive review of how security is impacting your license usage, and in turn help lower your costs. To find out more, simply reach out to us below: