New role to solve SoD and Sensitive Access within your help desk function - and its free!

Oracle has provided the opportunity to separate out key functions of your help desk, we have a guide to help you implement this solution.

Segregation of Duties is vital within the help desk function of your organization. Help desk users often require access to perform tasks such as reset passwords, unlock users and provide other support. Alongside these types of processes, Oracle's ERP/HCM application has always bundled in much more functionality related to security such as:

* Edit Users

* Edit Roles

* Provision and de-provision Roles from Users

For a long time, these features have been requested via the Oracle idea lab, and now they are available.

In order to deploy and separate out these functions there is some Role design changes that need to take place. We have worked with our partner ERP Risk Advisors to provide this free to you, and help create more secure customer environments.

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