30 Days Compliance for GDPR and CCPA

Data Privacy laws are being constantly enacted across different parts of the world.

Each of these have nuances of their own, however, the fundamental ideology remains the same – protecting the sensitive data of individuals.

Most of these Privacy Regulations empower individuals with certain rights over their Personal Information that organizations are obligated to fulfill.

These regulations also mandate organizations with certain responsibilities with respect to data security

Seecuring and Mentis, Inc have partnered to provide PeopleSoft customers the ability to meet your Compliance needs for GDPR and/or CCPA in 30 days!


The process

The first 10 days

* Find all Sensitive data, including Custom tables

* Scramble information in lower environments


10-20 Days

* Mask sensitive data at the database level for unauthorized users

* Mask Application Screens (Forms/ Pages) as well as Reports (PS Queries)

20-30 Days

* Enable Right to Know and Right to Erasure compliance regulations

* Analysis of Users, Roles, Permissions, Components that have access to Sensitive/PII Data

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