Yardi Risks across Applications

Yardi provides a comprehensive set of Applications to manage Real Estate Organizations. These Applications, like all Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are design to run your processes from end to end.

With all of these Applications, the need to manage Risks to your Financial processes is extremely important. Key Risks include:

The Yardi Suite

As a Yardi customer, you are likely using a number of Products or individual Applications that combined form your Real Estate Application portfolio. For many Organizations we work with, they are also using other Vendor Applications, perhaps CRM from Microsoft or SalesForce, Payroll and HR from Oracle, SAP, Workday or other.

If you are using an Application such as Rent Cafe, this may be tied into Voyager, and both are are utilizing Client Central for Application Management.

Together, your Application portfolio provides the force needed to not only manage your Business but drive it's growth.

The need for effective Internal Control

Whether you are a Publicly Traded Organization or not, tight controls around the many transactions across your Real Estate portfolio is critical!

Yardi solutions require a cross Application review of the controls, making sure that Transactions that take place across these Applications are secure is a problem because:

In addition, many Organization's don't have a Risk/Control matrix that is suitably applied to their Applications. A good matrix should 'translate' the Organization's objectives into how the configuration of the Yardi Applications meet them: do we have effective control over our Rent invoicing and collection? Are our assets secure from mis-management? and more

This process entails analyzing all of the Settings and Security to determine conflicting issues and the right remediation and definition of the processes.

Effective Controls

If you are struggling to implement a program for effective Controls in your Yardi (and more) Applications, Seecuring provides a subscription based service that combines Technology and Services to not only review the issues in your Applications, specifically:

Segregation of Duty identification and resolution recommendations.

Sensitive Access analysis.

Access to Production Data and Databases (especially in Client Central.

Bringing any customizations into your risk and control processes.

We have been working with ERP/HCM Applications since the early 2000's, and work with leading CPA's, Audit staff and Application specialists to deliver a complete solution.

Before you invest in expensive Software, why not look at GRC as a Service? Faster delivery, lower cost, and more than just reports on your issues - we help Organizations achieve their goals for Internal Controls.

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